Hall & Carpet Runner Rugs

Just think how many times you welcome guests and family into your home and often the first place you greet them is in the hall area. Why not give them – and yourself - a colourful and artistic surprise? See the range of choice in the Galleries below.

hallway rug and carpet runner
hallway rug and carpet runner
hallway rug and carpet runner

The right rug can visually help to lengthen or enlarge your hallway or upper landing spaces - complementing other pieces of art that you may already have here and providing a comfortable surface to walk on. As in all other places you choose to have a rug or carpet, we strongly recommend installing a non-slip protective underlay under your hallway rug. It will feel better underfoot and considerably lengthen the life of your rug by reducing wear and tear.

Our rugs are hand woven in Nepal using highly skilled craftsmanship handed down through generations of weavers in Nepal and Tibet; we guarantee no child labour is used.

Land Rugs offers free delivery throughout the UK. See our reviews and testimonials.

Can you imagine our designs in your hallway? We can. We offer a free service of placing an image of your chosen rug design in the personal setting of choice and at the right size for your room. See Picture It!


A typical rug in a sitting room might be 182cm x 122cm (6’ x 4’) or 2.2 sq mts.
All rugs cost £700 per sq mt which means 2.2 sq mts = £1540, delivered free in the UK.

If the listed size of the rug you like is different to your chosen space, then let us know. We’ll resize it before we start weaving.

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