Where are the rugs made?
All of Pip Benveniste’s designs are hand woven in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal by Nepalese and Tibetan weavers. We work closely with our weavers to ensure the best match possible in wool dyes, finished design and delivery schedules.

How are the rugs made?
Nepalese rugs and carpets today are woven in variety of processes, almost all done manually. All Land Rugs designs are hand woven. Though these processes look simple, they all require a high degree of expertise and only the hands that are trained for generations are capable of producing the high quality of weaving that we still see today. Read more about the weaving process.

Will I get the design I choose?
Yes, of course. All rug suppliers find it difficult to exactly represent the design, texture, feel and beauty of their products on websites, and Land Rugs is no exception. You will receive a beautiful art rug for your floor (or wall), individually hand-knotted in Kathmandu by world class experts who work as closely as possible to the colours and design that you select.

This is not a computer generated process – we don’t work with modern factories – and Land Rugs does not offer an exact ‘photocopy in wool’ of your chosen design. But you will receive a stunning art rug that is wonderful to feel and to walk on, as well as being beautiful to look at.

How long does it take to make a rug?
Most of the standard size rugs (eg 7′ x 5′ or 213cm x 152cm) take 10-12 weeks to weave. As the product is handmade, this time-scale may vary slightly. Some designs may already be in stock for immediate delivery. Check with us by phone or via the Contact page.

Can I order any size rug?
Yes – it can be larger or smaller than the design listed on the website, but the new rug size has to be in proportion to the artist’s original design. See our Gallery pages (gallery) for original sizes or view the rug sizes document, and then contact us with the name of your chosen rug design, and details of your preferred rug size.

How many knots per square inch?
Our designs are woven to 150 knots per square inch. The rug pile is typically a luxurious 5-6mm high. The Tibetan yarns that we insist on using come over the Himalayas to Nepal. There is lanolin in the wool which makes it much longer lasting than other wools.

How much is the rug?
All rugs are £550 per square metre (a 6′ x 4′ or 183cm x 122cm costs £1210). The full price list is available as a pdf – see Price List.

Can I see the designs ‘placed’ in my home/office etc before purchasing?Yes! You can Picture It!  If you send us digital pics of the rooms/office space where you want the rug to be, then we can place them, virtually, to make you feel more confident about a better-informed decision. When taking the photo of your desired setting, put down several clearly visible markers on your floor (small white paper squares are good) indicating the limits of where the rug will be.

What dyes are used in Land Rugs?
Our weavers use environmentally friendly powder dye colours, not the more commercial acid chemical dyeing processes. The dye manufacturers have a commitment to environmental protection and are involved in humanitarian efforts in many countries around the world.

Will I need underlay?
If your rug is being laid on a hard floor i.e. wood or tile, we would strongly recommend using an underlay to help it last longer; it will reduce wear and stop it slipping, as well as being more comfortable to walk on.

Is delivery to my address included in the price?
Yes – anywhere in the UK. Prices for overseas delivery, available on request.

Does Land Rugs deliver rugs to non-UK countries?
Yes, we are happy to arrange for your rug order to be sent direct from our weavers in Kathmandu to any non-UK address. There will be an additional delivery charge.