Where to Put a Rug – Ideas for Rugs in Your Home

When buying a rug, especially an art rug which a good deal of thought has gone into its design and presentation, it makes sense to place it within your home to display it in the best possible light. In this article, we look at where to put a rug in your home, giving some options as to how give it the best chance to make a difference to your interior design – changing the appearance and environment of certain spaces within your home.

Sitting Rooms / Living Areas

Many people spend a good deal of time as a family the their main living areas and sitting rooms, so choosing the right kind of rug or carpet for this space is important. Larger rugs are of course often suitable here – putting the rug in a central location will provide a sense of space and add a focal element to the room.























Kitchens / Working Areas

Also popular is spending time in a kitchen and if you have a slate, wood or stone floor in these spaces it’s worth investing in a rug to add an element of homely comfort. It’s worth, also however, bearing in mind that as a working space you will need these rugs to be hard wearing and sturdy – as they will see a lot of use and wear and tear.



















Adding a thick, cosy rug in a bathroom is a great idea – as it gets cold on winter mornings; a good rug here can help to alleviate the issue of cold bathroom floors and add an element of warmth and comfort. A bathroom need not be neglected in terms of art and interior design, either, and the right art rug can easily complement the space.

Our gallery ‘The Blues’ could potential suit a bathroom space.
































The right rug can help lengthen or enlarge your hallway or landing spaces – complementing other pieces of art that may go here and providing a comfortable surface to walk on. A good quality underlay is recommended here – rugs are slippery on shiny wooden or tiles surfaces, and one of the most dangerous places to slip is at the top of a flight of stairs.

































People often want a softer, slightly more relaxed environment in their bedrooms, so choosing an art rug is perfect as they are tastefully designed and made with longevity and quality in mind.












View our gallery ‘Brush Strokes’ – excellent for a bedroom space

In terms to where to put a rug in your home, there are of course countless options, but by using our picture it service, you can envisage where your rug will go using a picture of the exact space. We have a good amount of experience helping people find the right rug for them – so learn more about art rugs by browsing our site or contact us and speak to us about your individual needs for more information.